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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars in Africa

2009-03-02 00:07:00 in Africa
I met a German man and a Czech women traveling together in an extremely well equipped four-wheel drive vehicle. I have met many of these types of travelers in Africa; I believe this is the most common way to travel to multiple countries in Africa. Normally independent travelers only visit one or two countries, while the ones with vehicles will drive all the way across Africa and for sure call is an adventure, I think the word ordeal be more accurate. Driving is dangerous therefore maybe Adventure is the correct word, I am more or less doing the ordeal type of travel here.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Sunday, March 1, 2009
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They were sleeping in the tent on the top front of the SUV or Jeep vehicle when I arrived to Ethiopia in the early morning the other day. The man got up, set up a cook stove and prepared some coffee and eggs; it was interesting to watch their travel procedures or methodology.

As best I know, there is no strict scientific studies of the ways to travel the planet. There are tons of schools on tourisms that teaches the hospitality industry how to suck the cash out of travelers, however no formalized study or schools on how to travel. I have thought about giving two or three day lectures as a way for me to earn money.

I often think about buying a vehicle to travel across Africa; however, I am always waylaid by the cost. These people are not saving any money, I am sure the cost of the vehicle, fuel, insurance, border-crossing fees, and other variable cost must be close to 50-150 dollars per day. The longer their journey, the cheaper the daily cost.

They said they entered from Tunisia, went to Egypt, and then South to Sudan, and they are not in Ethiopia, I think they are going all the way South to the tip of Africa. The vehicle had Czech license plates, I have no idea how they got from Europe to Tunisia, I think they must have used a Ferry.

Ok, I suppose their website explains all this and I hope them good luck in their venture.

I would not travel in a vehicle to save money; I consider it an expensive and dangerous way to travel.

The reasons I would consider traveling this way in Africa are:

1. Able to go to remote areas in great comfort.
2. Avoid the overcrowded buses and truck transportation of Africa.
3. Carry an electrical generator so I can work on my computer and do research easier.
4. Pick up other traveler so I could have some company along the trip.

Reason not to travel this way:

1. Expensive
2. Crossing border with a vehicle is a hassle.
3. Police or Robber can easily stop you can rob or kill you anonymously and nobody will know.

--- They can drive ahead of the vehicle, block the road, stop your vehicle on a deserted road and rob you.

4. No way to exit easily, the have spent thousands, I am guessing close to 15,000-20,000 dollars, I do not believe they are willing to leave it they must travel in a circle or pay extraordinary fees to ship vehicle back or sit around for months trying to sell it.

I would probably buy a 2000 Dollar Air Conditioned van in Spain and outfit along the path as I went, and carry a motorcycle inside or on the top of the vehicle, then desert the vehicle when finished.

I do not believe the four-wheel drive aspects of the vehicle are highly over valued. I would for sure put a winch with a cable on the front of the vehicle with about 50-100 meters of cable though. in Africa