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No Water Ziway Ethiopia Brothers Hotel

2009-03-12 01:47:00

No Water Ziway Ethiopia Brothers Hotel
I must be missing the queue; the country of Ethiopia has some new challenges. I am in the Brothers Hotel here in Ziway, maybe pronounced Zee Why, and spelled numerous ways in English.

It is 7:53 am in the morning and there is no water to take a shower.

Ziway, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Travel Journal

I thought I was being clever; I turned on the Hot Water heater at about 6:00 am, set the clock timer in the Verizon Blackberry for 30 minutes and was waiting for the water to heat.

I thought I was smart; I was smart enough to turn on the electric hot water tank so I would have a nice hot water shower.

Oops, there is no water, so forget the shower.

The Wanza Hotel in Addis, Ababa had the same stupid hot water tank system, however, had water 24 hours per day and cost 12 dollars per day, as the 8-dollar rooms were never available.

The Sayprus Hotel in Mojo did not have hot water and the water stopped at about 9:00 am… hmm, I am not sure, I would always fill up my bucket with water in the morning. I would then heat the water and take a Hot water shower. Yes, I would fill up the bucket after the shower; therefore, there was water at least until 10:00 am, and then no water until about 6:00 pm. More or less if you get up early you can take a shower, if you take a late shower you are ok, however showers during the day are not possible unless you did like me and filled up the bucket.

The Saypres Hotel in Mojo was three dollars, I was not expecting as much.

Now, I am I the Brothers Hotel, what the Lonely Planet says is by far the best Hotel in Ziway and there is no water.

Black People, they have no hair, if they do not take a shower they look the same, they just stink, I see the problem. I shower half for vanity and half to smell good, the black people here in Ethiopia shower to smell good and trust me, and many do stink.

I am paying double of Saypres here at the Brother Hotel here in Ziway and there is no water for a shower.

The electricity went off at about 7:00 pm last night and stayed off most of the night. I watched a movie with my computer battery and I have three Candles.

Hmm, this was great for their bar business, they had a generator and people went to drink and eat.

Well, a great lead in to explaining a Hot Water Tank shower system travel tip…

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No Water Ziway Ethiopia Brothers Hotel