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My Love for Ethiopia is Dying Fast

2009-03-11 06:54:00

My Love for Ethiopia is Dying Fast
There is always an infatuation with a new country, I am over my infatuation, the new country, the new culture and the new people feeling has worn off. My wonder-of-it-all-glasses are coming off and I am able to see Ethiopia.

I continuously read there are over 70 languages in the country and I have only discovered one. “Amharic.”

It is not fair to make any decisions about this country; I think may still culturally be in a suburb of Addis Ababa.

The number of large trucks is staggering, I feel like I am living in a Truck Stop, all the Hotels of Mojo either have large trucks parked in front of them at night or parked inside.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Travel Journal

It is confusing because of all the Horses, Donkeys and Goats walking around everywhere it was my first impression to see the goals and not the trucks. My mind dwells on the Goats and Donkeys and forgets to see the Trucks; I have misplaced my interpretation of the country.

Today, after only visiting two cities in Ethiopia I see little Ethnic diversity or Tribal mannerism. I see six major types of cultures dominating the country so far.

If I ask myself, what are the people of Mojo preoccupied with doing on a daily basis?

1. Orthodox Christian 30 Percent
2. Muslim 10 Percent
3. Chat or Ghat the eating of a plant drug - 20
4. Coffee and Avocado Drink - 20 Percent
5. Video Shop - 10 Percent
6. Draft Beer - 20 Percent

ORTHODOX 30 Percent
The Ethiopia people call is “Orthodox,” which means almost nothing in the English language to me. The local people do not have the ability to compare and contrast their religion with other religions, they know their own.

The language is Ahmaric and the religion is called Orthodox.

MUSLIM - 10 Percent
I am guessing that about 10 percent of this area is Islamic, I was very confused with my interpretation of religions because both the Christian and the Islamic women dress the same, they both wear scarves that covers their head. I can see the Islamic Mosque, and overwhelms the Christian faith because of the loudspeaker system that has a call to Prayer.

The call to prayer system is loud, I mean extremely loud because of the electronic loudspeaker call to prayer system. It is not as loud as in Cairo, Egypt; however, you would think the whole village of Mojo is Islamic, however with close observation it becomes apparent they only are about 10 percent, a noisy minority.

The culture of sitting around eating the leaves of a bush that makes them high.

- Coffee drank in small shot glasses for 2 Birr
- Avocado mixed up in a blender for 6 Birr
- Papaya mixed up in a blender for 6 Birr
- Miranda an Orange drinks, sometimes Fanta sold for 4 Birr.
(There is a shortage of Coca Cola it is scarce.)

VIDEO SHOPS 10 Percent
There is a video shop renting videos about every 25-50 meters.

More or less the Sport Bar, sit around and drink beer culture of any country on the planet.

Humorously, I can say there is a culture of Barbershops, because on every corner there are people getting 3 Birr haircuts. An amazing amount of Barbershop for a culture that has a mono look, the men all have short curly black hair.

The food market is huge and very dusty and dirty, where the modern part of the city if full of large trucks pushing the dust around, in the market the people, donkeys, goats and Gari Horse Taxis push the dust around.

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My Love for Ethiopia is Dying Fast