Maps of Nile Rivers Influence on Ethiopia

Maps of Nile Rivers Influence on Ethiopia
The Nile River comes down from Egypt through the central part of Sudan arriving to whet it starts more or less at Lake Victoria. This lake is surrounded by three countries Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. What is interesting is the Blue Nile splits off from the Nile at Khartoum, Sudan and goes over to the Lake Tana, which has to larger Ethiopia cities close to it, Gonder and Bahir Dar.

I have not been to Gonder; however, every indication, every person and all tourist ideas lead toward Gonder. When someone talks about Tourism, the majority say the city name “Gonder,” like the Mecca of Tourism for Ethiopia.

I do not really care about where the majority of tourists go in Ethiopia; however, I am happy to understand the major river transportation routes leading to Ethiopia. Cities are founded on River and Lakes because people need water, without water we cannot live. However today’s world focuses on Roads and Airports, and it become increasingly difficult to understand “How the world works.”

The cities of the earth were created around sources of water the transportation the water allows to the people for food and commerce. Even the Camel Caravans across the desert were going from Oasis to Oasis.

These maps of the Nile, White Nile and Blue Nile help me to understand the influences of the Nile on Ethiopia and my path leading into Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Awasa, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Saturday, March 14, 2009
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A larger overview of the river, I drew on the Blue Nile so you can see how it enters Ethiopia.

This Map of the Blue Nile helps you to see how the river enters Ethiopia. As best I can understand, the city of Addis Ababa and my present location of Awasa are on the other side of a mountain range.

There are barrier and separations between cultures, rivers are often are the borders between nations or states. Mountains separate countries and cultures, even in cities you can see or know about the people on the other side of the railway tracks. Separations are real, they exist and these maps help me to realize there may be another culture over the hill.

A good map, although small showing how the Nile River is in Africa.

To enjoy the world, it helps to understand how it works, and slowly we can connect all the dots.

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Maps of Nile Rivers Influence on Ethiopia