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Make and Carry Checklist Travel Tip

2009-03-04 00:31:00

Make and Carry Checklist Travel Tip
There are cities that I call “Base Camps,” or “Stocking up Cities,” these are locations where I can re-supply with essential items.

Example a true Traveler checklist story…

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
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I am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, when I read the Guidebook or the Encyclopedia Encarta it is scary. The writers portray the county as a place that is dirt road and remote areas full of primitive tribes.

I am in Addis, Ababa, it is modern city that sells about anything a traveler could want or need. It is truly a great base camp to start or stage a trip into East Africa.

For this week and “always,” I had a piece of paper in my back pocket of my pants and a pen. As I walked around, as I read my book, as I eat my dinner, I add or remove items to buy or do from my checklist.

NOTE: The list is much shorter, however I wrote out the long-version so you can see, feel and understan the necessity level.

1. Print off PDF file of Lonely Planet Southern Ethiopia in Internet Café. HIGH PRIORITY

2. Buy Electric Hot Plate

3. Go to ATM and take out money - HIGH PRIORITY

4. Buy plastic pitcher to boil water

5. Buy map of country

6. Get list of ATM locations in country - HIGH PRIORITY

7. Buy a new lock to replace the one the airport cut off

8. 220 Light bulb

9. Alcohol for fuel to cook

10. Laundry soap

I now have everything on the list except:
Map, Alcohol, Plastic Pitcher

I am like a carpenter, “I carry things both ways,” I seldom make special trips, when I am walking around the city, because this list has been written down, I tend to remember to search for the items.

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Make and Carry Checklist Travel Tip