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Love Business and Tourist Hotels Travel Tip

2009-03-12 02:11:00

Love Business and Tourist Hotels Travel Tip
If you travel around the world, there are three major types Hotels on the planet.

There are love hotels that cater to the men and women of the world who want to have sex and need a room.
--- Brought the girl.

These Hotels try to give you the feeling of being in the USA or Europe.
--- Brought the girl as a wife of girlfriend.

There is the local business Hotels for he people who are from the country you are in, and the business Hotels for the foreigners. More or less the traveling salesmen of the world, and away way you do it, this describes them.
--- Alone looking to find girls in the bar or going the local Brothel.

(The big money to be made is in the Business Hotels.)

Awasa, Ethiopia
South of Addis Ababa on road leading to Kenya
East Africa
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Travel Journal -

I do not think I have to explain more, this is the Travel Tip; as you travel, you need to define in your mind the differences. In any Hotel on the planet, the first thing people look for is the Bar, drinking is the only competition with shopping the planet. Either tourists like to go shopping or they like to drink.

Love Hotels like to drink, and already have the girl.

Business Hotels like to drink and go to visit the Boom Boom girls

I am what the travel industry calls an “Independent Traveler,” we are a rare breed, very few left anymore, about 10 years ago it was common to find independent travelers. Nowadays it is rare, I find few people traveling alone, people travel as couples, except for the business travelers.
How to choose a Hotel is always the dilemma, I want a balance, I do not want to live in a Bar, however I do want is so quiet there is nothing to do. Normally the Guidebooks are helpful, except in Africa, and then for sure they suck. They only cater to tourist couples who are driving a jeep or four-wheel drive car so they choose Hotels with Parking and easy access to leave or enter the city.

The problem is always the same, I came to Ethiopia to learn, see and enjoy visiting with Ethiopian people. If I follow the guidebook or tourist, I will end up in a Hotel that tries its best to be “Nothing Ethiopia.”

To visit Ethiopia and to learn about the true culture of Ethiopia I need to choose somewhere between a local business Hotel and a Boom Boom Love Hotel.

Do you want to travel the world to meet tourist, or do you want to travel the world to meet the locals? There is nothing wrong with traveling the world to meet the tourist; I am only telling you my preferences. 99 percent of all travelers go and visit the tourist, I am not sure how long a person can do this, it is vacation traveling, something new, something different every day while on your vacation. I personally would stop traveling if I had to live in Tourist Hotels.

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Love Business and Tourist Hotels Travel Tip