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Hot Water Tank Shower Switch Travel Tip

2009-03-12 01:55:00

Hot Water Tank Shower Switch Travel Tip
You need to turn on the electric switch and wait at least 20-30 minute for the water to heat.

This is one of them travel tips that tourist and travelers desperately need to learn, however I feel impotent to teach. It is not possible to teach people how to diagnose the multiple problems and implement the multiple solutions, however I will continue to try.

Ziway, Ethiopia
Three to Four Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Travel Journal

This photo below was taken in the Wanza Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am now in the Brother Hotel in Ziway, and as best I suss out so far, this is the normal country of Ethiopia hot water shower system.

This is the easy problem, we can see the tank, normally the tank is in another room, or shared by the hotel. If you can see this tank then all you need to do is follow the electrical wire to the switch, turn on the switch and wait for about 20-30 minutes.

There was no cold water in the Hotel in Wanza, if I allow the water to heat to long it became dangerously hot, it was possible to burn my skin.

This is the switch, as you can see; I took out my black permanent marker and wrote on the wall telling other travelers to turn on the switch. I feel helpless though, what am I to do, put complete instructions on the stupid hot water system. There is supposed to be thermostat and you leave this switch on all the time.

Am I supposed to also warn them to walk around barefooted and touch this switch is a great way to get a 220 electric shock, not very safe.

There is a never-ending checklist of small configurations that need done before you are ready to take a shower.

This is the thermostat, if the company that manufactured this device cared in the least, they would have put the temperature on the side in Celsius or Fahrenheit. I have again labeled the temperature that is best for a shower.

I have overheated the water, the tank is insulated, and the water will take hours to cool. I have also labeled it saying to cool the water you must let the water run for a long time.

I am sure many readers think of me as an arrogant jerk, terse, uncaring and insensitive. However, the truth is the opposite, yes, I am stern, strict, and harsh when trying to explain, I want you to really listen, and I know the majority of readers just turn off their brain, some truly read on.

Why do I say I care? Why am I a good person?

This hot water heater is dangerous; a person can be burned if they turned on the switch and just turned on the water.

The electrical switch is also dangerous, however more of a great shock then life threatening.

1000’s of white English speaking people have lived in the Wanza Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

I am the first to care enough to have a black marker to try to label dangerous items.

I normally just label which is hot and which is cold, but again I prove myself a caring person… Hehehe

Why do I explain that how I care for other people, I am trying to shame you, I want the rest of you to join in the world and help implement true solutions, and quit boring me with the talk of global warming.

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Hot Water Tank Shower Switch Travel Tip