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Go To Internet Café in Morning Travel Tip

Go To Internet Café in Morning Travel Tip
I originally was going to title this Blog post BackAssWard Travel Journalging, however realized it was a travel tip. A person should not go to the internet café at night; the optimal time to enter an internet café is the minute the place opens.

I save 30 US dollars per month by going in the morning and not at night.

BackAssWard Travel Journalging
I just arrived in Ethiopia the other day after a 24 hour travel trip from the USA, therefore there was some urgency for me to go to the internet café. However, I needed to enter my room, type out some missives, and then I took a nap… oops. I guess I was very tired, and then later about 5:00 pm I went to the internet café. When I got there I saw the German man and the Czech girl from were already there trying to publish photos and doing emails. I was laughing, truly the wrong time to be in the internet café.

URGENT… I try to Blog quickly after a long trip to allow my family and friends to know I arrived safely and life is good. My parents are 75 and 76, they have too much time to think, they can sit there waiting for me to Blog, therefore I try to relieve their stress.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Monday, March 2, 2009
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I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

The internet café truly sucked that night, the connection broke and we ended up paying to sit three half the time waiting for another connection to start. It was packed, as the time from about 6:00 pm to about 10:00 pm is the absolutely worst time to go an internet café on planet earth.

I personally was enjoying the chaotic atmosphere of stupidity at work, I seldom go to an internet café at night and enjoyed watching everyone doing things BackAssWard or backwards to what is effective, efficient and cheapest. I have no idea why I enjoy the observation of people fuddling around at what they do.

I have now been to the internet café three times.

It cost one dollar per hour to use the internet here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Each time I entered the internet café I did the same amount of work, I used the same amount of bandwidth.

First night at 6:00 pm, it cost me three US Dollars.
(Waiting line, slow connection and truly crap internet)

Second day at 9:00 am it cost me 1.50 US Dollars.
(Two or three people using machines and I was disorganized.)

Third Day at 8:30 am it cost me 1.00 US Dollars
(I was there alone for the first half hour, and

I suspect it will cost to post this about 75 cents US Dollars because I have learned how the internet café works and can avoid the problems of this specific café. I am in transition, I have been using a 24/7 connection for about six months I will not be working with shared, slow connection in internet cafes for the next few months.

There are places on the planet where the internet cafes are truly great, however this is rare.

I am cannot explain to you the bandwidth problem in technical terms, however I truly have observed and propose the high usage time for internet and telephone use in any country is between 6 pm and 10 pm at night, this is when the whole world decides to make a telephone call or use the internet. We are sharing this bandwidth with the other people in the city, at this time is truly the time when there is a traffic jam on the internet in every country.

You want to save money, go to the internet in the morning, although I know that only a few of you have the capably of getting out of bed.

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Go to Internet Café in Morning Travel Tip