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Do You Need Ethiopia Photos

2009-03-04 00:35:00

Do You Need Ethiopia Photos
People need photos for many reason, a year ago when I was roaming around West Africa the editor of the Guidebook, Roughguide West Africa editor contacted me and I took many photos for him.

It was photos on demand… oops; I forgot to look at the Roughguide West Africa to see my photos when I was home.

Ok, the Editor would email me many times, sometimes daily and say,
“I need photo of Papaya, Coconuts,”
Normally adding a request like,
“A man using a machete to cut up Coconuts.”

It cost a lot of money to travel to Ethiopia. Do you need photos; I enjoy taking photos for MONEY, and enjoy the hunt.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
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I enjoy searching around for photos especially when it is a challenge.

Hmm, the fee is 50 dollar per Photo used, however please realize, I normally would take about 10 Photos of each subject so you can evaluate and make a decision. I do not just send you one photo and say, take it or leave it, I send you hundreds of small photos and you choose, then I send you the big ones after you pay with

This is fun for me, gives me a project, and makes walking around the world enjoyable and profitable.

NOTE: I do not take photos for NGO - Non Governmental Organizations unless they have an office here, I do not help people to scam people out of donations.

This is “Good Fun” as the Brits say and helps me to travel through Africa.

I hope to visit on this trip Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania and maybe keep going south to South Africa, if you are really energetic and rich, Sudan or Somalia… there will be Visa and other cost involved…. hehehe

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Do You Need Ethiopia Photos