Do Not Check In Airport Early

Do Not Check In Airport Early
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I am always tempted to try to check my bags in early at the airport, however I believe best to wait until the line opens and the general group of passenger arrives.


Because the earlier I check in the more likely the bag will not be on the same plane, or it will arrive a day or two late.

I often arrive at airport too early because of many reasons, here is a couple.

1. I had to check out of my Hotel at 12:00 noon, however the airplane does not leave until 7:00 pm, therefore I have seven hours to waste until the plane leaves.

2. The USA Coach Bus from the South Bend, Indiana airport leaves at 12:00 noon and arrives at 3:00 pm, however, the plane does not leave until 10:00 pm at night, and I have seven hours to wait in the airport.

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Some airlines allow you to check in up to 24 hours before the plane leaves. This is truly a benefit because a person than is free to walk around in the airport unencumbered with large bags. There are also times when I must sleep overnight in the airport and this is more safe and secure.

In the past, the airports often had storage locker or luggage storage services; with the continuous fear of terrorist leaving bombs inside these storage locker they are being abolished.

I would love to check my bag in early, however I normally wait.


Because the earlier I check in the more likely the bag will not be on the same plane, or it will arrive a day or two late.

When you check in to an airline, they place a luggage tag with a bar code on the handle of the Bag. It will have the code for the airport, for example, Bangkok, Thailand is BKK. You will read or hear knowledgeable travelers say, I am going to BKK. I also want my bag to go to BKK, however if I check in early there are many problems.

The bag says, “BKK.”

1. Maybe there are two flights with the same airline going to BKK before mine leaves, so the baggage handlers put in on the earlier flights.

2. I check in seven hour early to BKK, the baggage handler see the tag and knows the flight is not for seven hours. He or she put it over in the corner and stores the bag. The flight leaves seven hours later, however the bag was in storage and they forgot to put in the flight.

Yes, the bag will eventually make it to BKK; however, the goal is for the bag to arrive at the same time as my body.

Wait until there is a long line of people checking into your flight, stand in this line and check in. Your bag will now be part of the group of bag and not an isolated bag to watch this make life simple for the baggage handlers and almost guarantees your bag to arrive on the same flight.

Note, I have only had problems leaving or entering the USA with baggage being lost. Why do you think this happens more in the USA a large country with many domestic flights?

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Do Not Check In Airport Early