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Count Your Money In Front Travel Tip

2009-03-11 07:01:00

Count Your Money In Front Travel Tip
There are no computers here in Mojo, Ethiopia to compute the correct change and people can make honest and dishonest mistakes.

However, anywhere you go on the planet you need to count the change given to you in front of the person who gave you the change.
IF you are tourist, then for damn sure you had better count your change in front of the person, the world knows tourists are soft targets.

However, in Africa the people believe.
“White people do not care about money.”

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Travel Journal

There is a cultural belief that rich people do not care about money, I tend to think they care more about money more than the poor do. Rich people want to appear high status and these conflicts with other desires.

This belief that rich people do not care about money is reinforced because people do not want to appear cheap Therefore the rich people in their desire to appear high status often refuse to count money in front of people and this makes them a soft target.

Gong, this is bad decision, anywhere on the planet, anywhere you travel on this small greedy little planet as a tourist, you need to count your change.

People who deal with Tourist learn they are stupid, I do not care which country, religion, culture, color or stupidity level, the locals learn how to cheat the tourist.

When I receive change, I count it in front of the person, I want to demonstrate and prove a few points.

1. I care about money, it is important to me.
2. I am checking their math.
3. I will not allow them to cheat me.
4. I do not trust them.

This is NOT flashing your cash, you have already shown your money your money when you gave the money to the person, you cannot hide the amount of money given to the person.

Ethiopia has a dishonest habit of keeping the change unless you demand they give it to you, you must ask how much, and demand your change here in Ethiopia.

Count Your Money In Front Travel Tip