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Choosing Electric Hot Plate Travel Tip

2009-03-05 01:05:00

Choosing Electric Hot Plate Travel Tip
I have photo of three types of Electric Hot plates, I usually have one in my backpack. I will purchase one as I enter a continent, and dump it when it breaks.

I recommend carrying an electric Hot Plate because it is healthier to eat a can of vegetables daily that you cook in the room.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Travel Journal

There are 220 and 110 electric Hot Plates, or stoves here in Ethiopia they call them electric stoves. You will need to buy what is available, for example in the USA; you will only be able to buy 110 Hot Plates, and while in Ethiopia, they are 220.

This is a Hot Plate smashed by the British Airlines or BMI baggage handlers. I purchased in Bangkok, Thailand for about five dollars, this ceramic type of Hot Plate is the most common on the earth and easy to buy and easy to break.

If possible, the best is the solid round loop type, it is lighter, however if I was driving a car or truck I would buy the one on the left. Normally you just have to buy what is available, however I would always throw on the 110 type when leaving a country because most countries are 220.

I have never owned a Hot Plate that did not break eventually; the box that encloses the burner is screwed together and easily smashes. Eventually the wire inside break or burn up and it is time to buy a new one.

I often use to heat my room or take the chill of the room, especially need in the country of Nepal, La Paz, Bolivia, Bogota, Colombia, and Quito, Ecuador when the elevation is above 2000-2500 meters.

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Choosing Electric Hot Plate Travel Tip