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Bus from Ziway to Awasa Ethiopia

2009-03-12 02:04:00

Bus from Ziway to Awasa Ethiopia
I searched for any reason to stay in Ziway, Ethiopia for a few days and enjoy the city. I am sure there was something interesting about this city, however by choosing the Brothers Hotel in Ziway I had sealed my fate, I was bored and ready to leave, it was a roadside Motel with a Bar.

Awasa, Ethiopia
South of Addis Ababa on road leading to Kenya
East Africa
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Travel Journal -

I think the words “Home away from Home,” are written on more Hotels then any other words on the planet. I was going to take a photo of a Hotel sign in Addis Ababa with these words, then became disgruntled and angry when thinking about it because I knew this was the last thing the Hotel was in reality.

The Brothers Hotel in Ziway was probably a great Motel if I was driving a car from Addis Ababa, to Kenya and needed a place to sleep for the night It made me feel like I had pulled into a parking spot, and unloaded my bags, it was a Motel. Walking around the city made me feel like I was again in a truck stop, a long strip off road with a lot of Hotels on both side and no soul.

I woke up, gave up on Ziway and walked across the road to where the Buses were passing, within minutes I was in a Bus that cost 15 Birr going to Shashamane, pronounced Sha Sha Mah Nee.

The buses in Ethiopia are convenient, easy, cheap, I have been in few countries that was this convenient. The buses that are midrange, not the small vans do not crowd in the people, I saw the bus driver turn away passengers because there were no seat left yesterday.

So I paid two dollars U.S. and I go about 75 Miles, traveling around Ethiopia is a cake walk.

If I did not mind being hijacked on Taxi fees when I got off the Bus then traveling in Ethiopia would truly be convenient.

Ethiopia has Tuk Tuk, they call them Baja’s because of the name of the company that manufactures them, I think they are the one made in India, the are truly cheap.

I got off the bus in Awasa totally lost, not really sure of the size of the city, then took a Tuk Tuk to the Pinna Hotel which cost me 5 Birr and I am positive the man cheated me. This is 50 cents US, however still got cheated so makes me feel bad.

I chose the Pinna Hotel in the middle stretch of Hotels listed in Lonely Planet, I knew I was not going to sleep in there because it was listed at 20 U.S. Dollars in the Guidebook. The guidebook I have is way behind on Price, a person needs to double the prices.

I was searching for Internet Café, so I proceed after a lot of deliberation to walk towards the Lake… hehehe When reading the guidebook, this whole country reads as if you are going to always be sitting in some mountain valley on some lush lake. I feel more like I am in some cheap B movie made in Mexico where the person stops at the Gas Station to fill up with gas, maybe that girl from the Terminator movie where she is getting ready for doomsday.

The road is long and as normal, the perspective of the Lonely Planet is for a person with a Car or SUV. The city of Awasa is long and expansive, I was walking on huge boulevard that looked like it would never end.
I looked to my right, I see a sign advertising “Broadband Internet,” another chuckle, as this sign also means nothing on planet earth. However it does mean Internet. I looked down the street and could see about three signs that said “Hotel.”

Internet and Hotel, life is good so I walked down the street, it was maybe about noon, there was not much going on, the heat was cooking me and I was ready to take a shower.

Hmm, the Ply Hotel looks like Boom Boom, cheap floozy women Hotel with one of them entrances where you have to go left, then right, then left to enter so nobody can look in. I walk to the Edea, Hotel enter and go the back, two girls are sitting on the ground in front of their rooms. They all look at me like I was crazy, however what the hell, I ask,
“How much for a room.”
They say,
“25 Birr.”
2.50 US Dollars, cheap, close, convenient and hmm, I am thinking to myself, these girls are probably working as prostitutes. I do not mind prostitutes living in my Hotel, however I do not like when they are dragging men in and out all night. Living is ok, while working out of the Hotel is bad.

I walked out of the Hotel and walked across, the name of the Hotel was the Family Hotel, and just like “Home away from Home,” there was nothing family about it. However for 50 Burr or Five dollars I got a room with a shower and toilet inside, very secure and safe. As best I can tell, this is more of a love Hotel, the men come here with this girlfriends, pretend to eat, pretend to drink, then do what the wanted to do all along, go into a room with their girl and do boom boom.

As best I can figure, I am living in the Red Light District of Awasa, just around the corner from the fancy Pinna Hotel, and in the center of action in all ways.

Well Come to Awasa as the Signs in Ethiopia often say.

Bus from Ziway to Awasa Ethiopia