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Beware of Airline Baggage Scales

2009-03-09 00:48:00

Beware of Airline Baggage Scales
Travel Tip

I have known for year that some airlines cheat their customers. If I enter an airport and there is a special “Excess Baggage Fee” collection office, I know there is trouble brewing.

Jereon from Bangkok writes again,
Funny RyanAir just got taken to court for altering weight scales at the check-in desks. You think you have 15KG, you get to the airport; the scale says you have 17KG. Ryan air fines you 20 pounds for not having pre-paid for 17 plus an additional 8 pound a kilo overweight. In total Ryan air receives 36 pounds a passenger (illegally). Times
hundred's of thousands of passengers and Mr Leary can build himself another castle. (he has so many already)”

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Monday, March 09, 2009
Travel Journal

I can say beware, give you a warning, but so what? This is of little value, what we need is a way to check these airline scales. I sometime take my bag and put it on about three different scales. I can prove or disprove they are weighing the same, however they all may be cheating. It is not easy to walk around carrying a one kilo weight to test scales.

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Beware of Airline Baggage Scales