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Animal Skins in Mojo Ethiopia Market

2009-03-11 07:07:00

Animal Skins in Mojo Ethiopia Market
I believe these are photos of the animal hides or skins, maybe of Horses and Cows here in Mojo, Ethiopia. The people in the market seldom speak English, I can take the photo, however to learn specifically what I am photographing can take days to feel certain. Yes, someone will agree with me, if I say,
“Is this a Horse Hide?”

However to know for sure, they must volunteer the information, and then I must double-check their English.

Mojo, Ethiopia
One to Two Hours South of Addis, Ababa
East Africa
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Travel Journal

There appears to be two types of skins or hides here, I believe the wrinkled ones are Horse and the more organized ones are cows. It is also possible they are goats, but they seem big for a goat.

It is possible these skins are donkeys also, I have to be lucky to just walk up and ask and learn the answers.

Leather, skins, pelts, there is a big Tannery Business thriving in Ethiopia and they say is polluting the streams. I have seen no good leatherwork done here in Ethiopia yet in my travels.

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Animal Skins in Mojo Ethiopia Market