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African DMZ of Christian and Islam

2009-03-01 00:07:00

African DMZ of Christian and Islam
I find myself metaphorically speaking in the demilitarized zone between the Islamic Arab world of North Africa and the Christian world East or Central Africa.

Religions are used as weapons, therefore in this area of Africa they agree to pretend there is no difference between the two religions so that it does not escalate into real war.

In this DMZ, they want me to take sides, neutrality is not respected, nobody wants neutrality, because they want dominance.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Sunday, March 1, 2009
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About 70 percent of the people of Sudan are Muslims
15 percent are Christians
Remainder follow traditional religions

Orthodox Christian (Ethiopian), 36 percent
Muslim, 30 percent
Protestant, 14 percent

Christian Protestant, 43 percent
Roman Catholic, 23 percent
Indigenous beliefs, 12 percent

I think in the Sudan to the north of here there is a hard line between the religions, here in Ethiopia there is a soft line.

I am just observing this religious war knowing it is easier for me to live either in areas dominated by Christian or Islam, however in the DMZ areas the life is more unholy. I prefer the Christian areas because less dogma and more secular.

Religions where uniforms, I do not enjoy walking around in areas of the planet where people are wearing their uniforms.

The traveler culture has a uniform that is in fashion of dreads and tattoos, these uniforms separate people, they do not unite. I feel it is better to blend in, which is humorous here in Africa, I am a white person surrounded by Black people, there is no way to blend in, I am instantly defined and labeled, and I accept this.


African DMZ of Christian and Islam