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What Goes Around Comes Around

2009-02-12 07:08:00

What Goes Around Comes Around
Travel Tip

This is the secret to safe travel.

Ryan wrote me a few weeks ago asking if it was possible for him to buy an immersible electric water cookers from me, I wrote him back asking him to send his address, but did not ask for money, he then sent his address, I guess I forgot to write him back.


When I did not hear back from you regarding a price for the immersible electric water cookers, I presumed that you did not care to deal with me. However, I just received the three extremely useful cookers that you sent! In a world where people so often commit with words but often do not follow through, it is a pleasure to find a person who speaks through actions by just doing. Thank you, Andy, truly! I know that you did what you did as an act of good will, and I deeply respect that. I sent to you some money, by Paypal, to contribute to you and your various endeavors. I have learned more of value from your website than any other on-line resource that I know of, and I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge so that I may better learn the easy way!

I would be pleased to return the favour, if there is anything that I can send or do for you to aid in your travels!

Kind regards,

Lima, Peru
Thursday, February 12, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

What does this have to do with Travel, close to everything. When you are traveling the planet, you will only meet strangers. What you give to them, will come back to you, if you are shit, then shit will be returned to you. If you are a good person, then good will be returned to you, you need to optimize your chances of good by giving good to other people.

I think my readers often get confused on these issues, a person also needs to let their yes be yes and their no be no. When talking with people we need to state the facts as we see them, sometimes this feel harsh or jaded. However to do the right thing, we must say the right things, we cannot just forget their are consequences. If you give bullshit answers, then people will give you bullshit answers back.

I have been laughing, I have joined this organization called, I have had two people want me to endorse them. I have refused, even though I did business with them, I do not trust them.

However, if you do good deeds, slowly you get people who will endorse or recommend you for nothing.

What is even weirder is the idea that people believe all successful people are bad, the bigger my website becomes, the more people assume I am a bad guy. When I was nothing, the majority thought I was good.

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what goes around comes around
what goes around comes around


What Goes Around Comes Around