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Visa is Required Travel Tip

2009-02-13 06:44:00

Visa is Required Travel Tip
When you read these words, “visa required,” my recommendation is to realize this means almost nothing. Interpret it to mean, you need to continue to read...

“What you need to know is, can you get a visa at the airport or the border crossing?"

What they call this permission is almost irrelevant.

The definition of Visa is semi wacky, what we need is permission to enter a country. I am planning to buy a airline ticket to Ethiopia today, I want to know if I need a Visa, here is what the USA government website says, obviously very confusing.

First they say you should get a Visa, then they say you can get one at the airport on a arrival. Make up your mind! ?????

The point of this tip is, do not trust the words “visa required,” you need to continue to read.

Many Visa companies are making Visa sites that lie, saying everyone needs a Visa, do not trust sites, do not trust the USA government site, it is truly difficult to access if you need a Visa. I am flying to Africa, my two best choices are Ethiopia or Kenya, to choose another country is to choose a problem. You need to choose the path of least resistance. Normally, when you are in an adjoining country, you can get the onward visa, it is highly rare to not be able to enter the next country down the path because of visa problems.

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February 13, 2009
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Ethiopia Requirements from the USA Government site.

First it says you need one, then it says you can get airport. WARNING, you need to collaborate information, you need to find this type of statement in two or three different ways.

"ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: To avoid possible confusion or delays, travelers are advised to obtain a valid Ethiopian visa at the nearest Ethiopian Embassy prior to arrival, and must do so if entering across any land port-of-entry. For example: travelers wishing to enter Ethiopia from Kenya at the land border at Moyale, must obtain an Ethiopian visa first. Ethiopian visas ARE NOT available at the border crossing point at Moyale. Travelers should apply for Ethiopian visas at the Ethiopian Embassy in Nairobi or at other Ethiopian embassies in other countries. Ethiopian visas are available to U.S. citizens upon arrival at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. U.S. citizens may obtain one-month or three month, single-entry tourist visas or 10-day single-entry business visas upon arrival at Bole International Airport. This service is available only at Bole International Airport and is not available at any other ports of entry in Ethiopia. "

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Visa is Required Travel Tip