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Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow

2009-02-19 06:35:00

Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow
A public relations person for Verizon contacted me a month ago asking if I would like to test the Verizon Blackberry Storm. This type of product is the future, I would love to learn about it and appreciate this offer, however I am not sure it is feasible for a true global traveler.

Orland, Indiana USA
Thursday, February 10, 2009
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I claimed ignorance, I have only seen maybe five of these Blackberry devices in my life. Product knowledge is learned in two ways, first by company advertisements and second by referrals, since I do not live in the USA I know very little about the Blackberry.

I have an appointment Friday at 11:00 am to talk with a man by the name of Jason in Fort Wayne, Indiana to demonstrate and explain the benefits of this electronic device. They are offering to allow me to carry one for a few months, then I must send it back by prepaid Federal Express pack. I am going to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and other countries in this region of Africa.

I would like some reader questions and feedback, is this Verizon Blackberry Storm going to work for me?

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Verizon Blackberry Storm Interview Tomorrow