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Travel Flashlight Tip

2009-02-23 19:33:00

Travel Flashlight Tip
Here is a photo of what I recommend tourist and travelers carry when traveling. If you need a larger flashlight, torch or lantern you can purchase one and leave it when finished.

Orland, Indiana USA
Monday, February 23, 2009
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The one on the right I purchased in Wal-Mart for roughly two Dollars. The one on the left I purchased in Thailand, it cost about one US Dollar. .

I use this as a keychain, when I need light I squeeze it and the small LED light creates adequate light for most travel needs. I highly recommend this type of battery powered light, it truly is needed.

- Find the location of the lock on your Hotel door.
- Walking home at night
- Reading a map while in transit
- A temporary light until you can purchase a larger one.
- When the electricity goes off, you have a light to find a candle or the door.

I was very happy to find this type of light in Wal-Mart here in the USA, whereby I can recommend it without the remorse of knowing it is would be difficult to buy.

Do you need this, ask a friend that had traveled overseas this question…
“Do the lights go off in other countries?”


Travel Flashlight Tip