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Travel Channel Mark and Olly

2009-02-09 07:41:00

Travel Channel Mark and Olly
Frank, found some Travel Channel people in Peru, or doing something…

“I am watching these guys on the travel channel now that are traveling to Koran Korata in Peru, to live with the Machigenga tribe - which I guess is a remote tribe that hasn't had much contact with the "outside world". I know you were doing this so I thought it might interest you. Here is a link that shows all the episodes.


Lima, Peru
Sunday, February 8, 2009
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I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

I get angry reading some of these site, too much suspense and lack of transparency. I have spent the last hour trying to find a map of the location. I finally found the a Wiki Page on the Machenguenga Tribe they are going to visit.


I added the names of the tribes... how does a tribe that is no contact by will, have a name?

Here are the names of the no contact tribes in the area I went to, however they are voluntarily no contact tribes. I will return next year to find and interview more people who have left these tribes.

Murunahua Tribe
Chitonahua Tribe
Mashcopiro Tribe

Spelling could and should be wrong, words change, who knows, however this is the best I have.

Are they in

I still have not found a Map to Koran Korata and have my strength to continually search for suspense.

No Contact Tribe Expedition 2010 - Current Events Travel

I like to chase down groups like this, if I could find the exact location, the real time, the specifics it does not seem difficult to just go visit them... heheheh

Travel Channel Mark and Olly