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The Cultural Benefit of Travel

2009-02-06 05:24:00

The Cultural Benefit of Travel

I want to change the world, and the world wants to change me, travel allows me to stop trying to change the world, and the stops the ability of the world to change me, I must make choices to accept or refuse ideas, there is no reason to accept.

The influence of culture, customs, beliefs, religion, government, social status, race and every word or vision creates a human. Nature gives us the body, then we are nurtured, we are a product of the sum total of all our influences.

Introspection is difficult when there is overwhelming amount influential information entering our world travel opens the window of introspection.

Pucallpa, Peru
Friday, February 6, 2009
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Continuously changing culture stops the gushers of influences, there are few influences that can travel with us, and they all diminish over time. When a person travels for over one year, this person slowly becomes his or her own person, a truly unique person.

The longer you travel, the less you care about any culture, when I return home, the only culture that still has great influence, I feel as if I have joined the army, my life is institutionalized.

I believe all the crap about travel teaching you tolerance, first, a person cannot even begin to travel unless they are extremely tolerant, tolerance is required to travel, not learned, all the rules of my primary culture are violated daily.

What I have learned is to be more intolerant of culture, I can ignore they rules, their customs, their influence, in reality, I am neither tolerant nor intolerant, I refuse to play the game.

I have escaped the box; I am outside any regular culture. When I say comments that create extreme anger in readers, I now realize I have violated cultural rules. There are rules of morality that make sense, however the rules of culture are irrational.


The Cultural Benefit of Travel