Sliding Button on Alarm Clock Travel Tip

Sliding Button on Alarm Clock Travel Tip
There are many Travel Alarm Clocks that have a built in defect you should know about before you purchase one. There are buttons on the back of some of the clocks that protrude outside the body of the clock. When you have thie wrong type of Alarm Clock inside your backpack or luggage this button will slide over, the alarm will be set and the next thing you know you have an alarm going off inside your bag.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009
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This is my present alarm clock, I prefer the type that folds up like a box, and cover both the front and the back, however this one works ok. I like the dial and not the digital, it is easier to see.

I can stand this Alarm Clock up, however the little stand is not stable, and small jostle of the table will knock it over.

All the buttons are recessed, this is the Travel Tip, you want all the buttons on the back of the clock difficult to reach, they should not protrude out, whereby sliding against another surface will set the alarm clock.

As you look down the flat surface, you cannot see the buttons protruding out.

Another small problem with this alarm clock is that it looks like a cell phone, people steal cell phone so, when I take it out of my bag and someone is watching I show them it is a clock.

I have to be careful with my GPS and WIFI detectors, people think they are cell phone also, or and worst yet an IPOD.

Sliding Button on Alarm Clock Travel Tip