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Photos of Small Airplane in Peru

2009-02-07 08:50:00

Photos of Small Airplane in Peru
Jets are boring, however small planes are exciting, when I flew to and from Breu, Peru I was in a small passenger, plane, I think a Cessna. I am not addicted to knowing about planes, however the plane trip was one of the highlights of this trip, landing on a grass airstrip is always a good rush.

Pucallpa, Peru
Saturday, February 7, 2009
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A bad photo of the plane, I took a video of the plane landing and hope to post it soon. These MOV files of my new Canon Camera is kicking my but, these files truly are not easy to work with.

I sat right behind the two pilots; I was able to look at all the dials on the dashboard of the plane.

The instrument panel in the airplane.

Travelers are addicted to the rush, the never ending new combination of feelings.

Are you addicted to the "Travel Rush?"


Photos of Small Airplane in Peru