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Peru Computer Hard Drive Problem

2009-02-10 06:41:00

Peru Computer Hard Drive Problem

I have an intelligent techie fixing my computer, I am very lucky to find him, and I will know if I am truly lucky when I get the computer back. He is restoring many damaged files, a very complicated and time consuming process.

My WIFI stopped working correct in Pucallpa, I was able to make it work by opening the computer case near the button. While I was doing that, I accidentally disruppted the hard drive while it was running. Because I did not have enough extra memory space available on the computer, the self checking and repair function of computer failed to fix the memory problem.

Lima, Peru
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
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My hard drive was damaged, I could not recovery, I could not do anything.

Before this happened, I was trying to find Hewlett Packard computers, and was having big problems. The man on the phone said they do not repair computers out of warranty, and I needed to find a local person. This just about removes any reason to buy a Hewlett Packard computer if this is true, I do not know, it is also possible he just wanted to do the work on the side.

Nonetheless, I have all the computer backed up, except for my photos of Guatemala and Peru, any they are not special. I have all my work files backed up on two gig USB memory chip, the critical data is safe. The old photos and all the other data is on two 250 Gig Hard drivers, I have two copies of this data, so all is good. The big problem is the inconvenience.

I think I am gojng to try to sell this computer here and return to the USA to buy another computer.

Peru Computer Hard Drive Problem