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Monday I go to Dulce Gloria

Monday I go to Dulce Gloria
I will take a boat from Breu, Peru to Dulce Gloria on Monday, I will be gone for about four days.

I have sat around asking questions enough days in Breu, Peru to know it is safe to proceed up the Yurua River to the village of Dulce Gloria. It will take about six hours by gas powered Peca Peca canoe, I do not expect it to be difficult to go, however sitting in a dugout canoe for six hours listening to the roar of Briggs and Stratton motor make a overnight bus trip seem like a piece of cake.

This is not my first trip like this; I took a similar boat from Coca, Ecuador down the River Napo towards Iquitos before connecting with a larger Boat. This time however we are going away from civilization instead of between two major civilized locations.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Sunday, February 1, 2009
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I am excited to go, the village of Breu is a mystery to me, there seems to be only two forms of employment here, working for the elongated arm of the Peruvian government, or maybe some workers in the lumber business. More or less everyone feels to be working on some municipal job here in Breu, and the same as in the USA or any other Government job on the planet, they are not very excited about moving. There is not a lot of activity in Breu, and I am becoming restless, I would like to encounter anyone doing anything.

Samuel who will steer the boat from Breu to Dulce Gloria, Peru.

I have hired Samuel to commodore the boat from Breu to Dulce Gloria and back to Brue. I was pointed towards Samuel by Rider and Walter, I think Samuels needs something to do to help support his family. His wife has some important job of being the register of the village or area of Yurua. I truly wish anything was clear, however this is why I am here, it is like being in the fog and each day I can see a little clearer.

How prepared are we on a 100 point scale to leave for Dulce Gloria?

I would say 50 percent, I do not expect it rise much higher than that today, I am fully aware, my eyes are wide open that this venture up the river should be miserable. I do not know where I will sleep Monday or Tuesday night, I have no idea what I will eat.

I only know one thing for sure; Samuel says we need six gallons of gasoline to go there and back. I will buy eight, and check this gas closely to make sure he is correct. We are going up river; therefore, it is possible to float back down the river to Breu easy enough.

I am perfectly safe, we can always go up river until the Boat dies, and float back to Brue.

I am not sure how to explain this form of reasoning, however a person must take care they never go with a guide or other person believing all is under control. While I try to maximize my chances, the world tends to minimize their chances, they survive, they do not thrive.

Thriving is maybe the wrong word, today is ok, tomorrow is ok, and the world is ok, the world is ok, providing you are able to stop asking yourself irrelevant questions like,
“Am I safe or not.”

If course we are safe, and if we are not, then so what, we will die, dying is normal and the reason we die are not noble, it is always something stupid that happened.

Here is a good example of life here in Breu; I have learned yesterday that a man died. I finally learned he was about 50 years old. What happened was a big pole or beam fell and hit his head, a couple of days later he was dead. This is life in Breu, people do not wrestle around talking about all what if this and what if that speculation of life, they are sitting around talking about Football, the same as the rest of the planet.

I believe Dulce Gloria is a bigger city than Brue; every city on the planet tends to feel their city is important. It will be interesting to see how they compare, I think a lot of the Mestizo people wish to be within or only one-step away from Pucallpa, therefore Breu is close, while Dulce Gloria is two steps away from what people would consider very safe territory. It is not really safety, it is knowing that is one of them small problems like a beam falls on your head, you do not die, and you just go to the hospital.

Humans can only travel as far away from their perceived safety net, when they are too far, they will come up with many excuses to not go further. I have a faith in destiny; I believe that what is meant to happen is guaranteed to happen. There is no way to be safe, it is an illusion and fear based people never have the capacity to thrive or live, they are always asking too many questions and not accepting life on lives terms.

Monday I go to Dulce Gloria