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Manana on Computer in Peru

2009-02-11 06:24:00

Manana on Computer in Peru
Manana literally means tomorrow in Spanish, and for sure only a crazy man would trust Latinos to do exactly as they say. It is time for my computer to be finished, I am frustrated, I either need to start working without a computer or with a computer, this manana crap never ends.


The computer is back two hours after the time he said, it appears to be working great, the cost was great only 40 US Dollars, but I paid 60, so I am very happy. I would recommend him to about anyone, however I also think you should live in the Pretty House Hostel so you have the full range of support to get these types of jobs done in Peru. The family at the Pretty House recommended Roberto and the whole group had a stake in this.

The final conversation we had, he said,
"The problem with Techies in Peru is they are liars."
"They will just replace part after part."
I said,
"Todo the mundo."
"The whole world."
"I know this, therefore I am very afraid when someone wants to help me."

I went to great lengths to guarantee I was choosing the right person, I was lucky, and I am sure the majority of readers will not do well with these projects when they travel.

Lima, Peru
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

I am tired of complaining about other cultures, I have tons of reasons to complain about my own.
Manana on Computer in Peru

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