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Low Quality Hotels Africa or India

2009-02-27 09:54:00

Low Quality Hotels Africa or India
I am lying here my bed in Ethiopia debating who has the lowest quality Hotel rooms on the planet. This is truly a difficult decision; I just cannot make up my mind whether it is India or Africa.

I forgot the Arab type Hotels, they truly have some dumps for the money.

Oops, I forgot about China, they some inhuman Hotels for the money, Chinese people do not believe a shower should be included.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Friday, February 27, 2009
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I should not debate this, I do not truly know China or Russia well enough to enter into a full fledge debate with myself and finding a global traveler that has gone to all these areas is close to impossible. I mean one that has lived for months in each of these areas, not just tourist who will pay any amount of money to enjoy themselves, and call it love.

Africa and India just stick out in my mind; however, any thought of India is just a memory of truly dirty and grimy people. Africans girls can be clean in the hot regions, while the men are pigs like the India men or women.

Anyway, I do it, Southeast Asia has the best rooms for the money, and I can get some truly great rooms for very cheap prices.

I think about this a lot; we are going to do some complicated reviews of rooms on our Hotel site that will help people to compare the overall values of room. There is not doubt that in Europe you get the least amount of room for the money. Living in a Dorm Bed in Europe for about 25 Euros has been as close to living in a slum life gets on Planet Earth. There is no privacy, dirty, drunks, theft and people who do not care for about you at three times the prices of the poor countries.

I am happy to know I have the travel skills to transform about any dump into a livable abode. There is little hope for dorm room in Hostel, there is nothing like home about a Hostel Dorm room, however fun to watch the girls get dressed.

Low Quality Hotels Africa or India