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Lima Peru Computer Laptop Doctor

2009-02-12 18:13:00

Lima Peru Computer Laptop Doctor
I had great luck here in Lima, Peru with computer repair person by the name of Roberto. If you are in dire need of computer work in an country close, whether Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile or Colombia, it may be best to move into the Pretty House Hostel. The family will connect you with Roberto easy enough as he is a friend of the family.

Roberto speaks English more or less, he can understand your problems.

Lima, Peru
Thursday, February 12, 2009
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This is Roberto in the Pretty House Hostel.

My computer crashed, the disk was broken, there was no way to use the recovery feature. He took the raw data on the computer and pulled it off the disk and reconfigured it. Then completely formatted the hard drive, reinstalled windows, and all the drivers. He charged me 150 soles or about 45-50 USA dollars. It took his computer running about 24 hours just to extract the data from my hard drive, what is rare here is he actually put value on the data, and thought about solutions and not just replacing parts.

Again the simple way to have your computer fixed or repaired would be to just move into the Pretty House Hostel until it is done. They have free Internet and a computer to use, so if you are in damage control mode, a great situation. This makes finding each other simple, no frustrating game of cat and mouse, trying to hunt each other down while speaking Spanish on the telephone.

Note, anything a Latino person says, expect it to take a lot longer... this culture had no handle on time. I have already suffered the pain of worrying about a Latino techie here in Lima, Peru, so you do now you can find a good one.

I figure 1 in 20 techies has a clue... Roberto is the 1

If there is one thing I know about techies, they normally charge a lot of money, know nothing and leave things in a wreck. This is why I am recommending Roberto, it truly is not fun to wait for days hoping the person has the brains to fix the computer.


Lima Peru Computer Laptop Doctor