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Is a Photo of Andy Needed

2009-02-07 12:01:00

Is a Photo of Andy Needed
When I first started traveling, I put my photo on the site; I took it off in the country of Colombia because somebody tracked me down. This was before there were Blogs; I was just starting to write Travel Newsletters, the site was nothing, truly small.

I do not enjoy talking to people because they think I am famous, I want and need friendship, I do not need groupies. I search for real friendship.

Pucallpa, Peru
Saturday, February 7, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

I would like some of the regular readers to comment, I want to hear some feedback.

The reason I am probably going to put my photo on the site is for two reasons.

1. I want to make great Travel Tip Videos and it almost impossible to find models or people to help me. I truly do not like hiding, I am an honest person, and to put on a mask seems sneaky. Videos have become easy to make, they are great way to explain complicated travel ideas.

2. To take my two Travel Sites to the third level of success, I need to be a little more open. If I want to have a size site, I cannot be anonymous, I must say who I am and admit it, the world wants to deal with real people.

I have never really tried to be hard to anonymous, and a few readers have found photos of me, called my parents home, and wrote me personal letters.

However, I had a life before my travels; I was a big time Real Estate Broker in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I had my picture on the signs; I had this big 4 x 8 commercial signs all over the city. People want to know who they are dealing with; it was good business to show my face. People make judgments on how a person looks, feels and comes across when they meet them. I did not like this type of fame.

I am again in a business, I cannot just act and will not pretend this is not a business, I am a Travel Writer, I own a couple large Travel Sites. I am a professional Traveler, and a voice within this travel media, however I am probably one of the only ones that does not wish to be famous.

I admit, I want the money that goes along with the fame, I do not want the glad hand shaking and the politics that goes along with people wanting to say hello.

Moreover, safety, it is sometimes dangerous to be an honest person; there is no freedom of the press. I have had about five friends tell me to take down a couple post about the King in Thailand, they worry that I could go to Jail.

I am good person, I like me a lot today, and soon I will figure out how to place photos of me on the site. I hope to facilitate a way for me to stop the photos in a moments notice.

This is a business decision; there is a need for transparency when you are the owner of large business.

My friends, I truly want some feedback, give me some opinions or ideas, is there something I am missing?

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Is a Photo of Andy Needed