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2009-02-22 07:47:00

Ignore Image of USA Overseas Travel Tip
Do the right thing, this is truly irrelevant.

A woman here asked me in the USA,
“How is the USA viewed overseas?”

This was a difficult question for me to answer simply.

Orland, Indiana USA
Sunday, February 22, 2009
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She wanted to know how the world views the USA, and I was tempted to just answer with another question.
“Why is this important?”

If a person does not like you, are you going to change your way of living and behavior to make them like you?

To have the world like you or not like you is irrelevant; the only goal I need to focus on is being a good person and encourage other USA people to do be good people.

How does the world view the USA overseas?

I think they do not trust the USA people, they know they will change because of every opinion poll; they will change like the wind. I have learned I should not trust the USA; however, I trust other countries less. I know the majority of Americans overseas will lie in an attempt to be popular, they will go along or agree with insults to the USA.

The question was stupid to me; it was obvious the person deemed popularity more important than proper behavior. Once a person places popularity as the highest priority, honesty, integrity, ethics and true character is lost.

A few Americans will wear Canadian Flags; the majority of Americans like to appease other countries. There is a good reason to not trust Americans, they cannot be trusted. However, realize, the other countries will lie more, however they are looking at the USA to be the best example.

If she asked the questions,
“Does the world trust the USA?”

I could have answered,

Why would they, the USA changes with every opinion poll, if the opinion poll says something is bad, the groupthink is to agree and increases the percentage as people have lost the ability to think, they just follow the tribe.

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