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Highly Developed Human Minds See Consequences

2009-02-11 06:34:00

Highly Developed Human Minds See Consequences
The influence of my life has real consequences on other peoples lifes.

Example, I Blogged that I liked the Pretty House Hostel here in Lima, Peru.

The consequence is my friend Bill from Iquitos, Peru is now here in the same Lima, Peru Hotel.

Lima, Peru
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Travel Journal --- What is your travel problem?
I will write a Travel Tips with the solution

I truly despise reading Travel Writers, I know the majority of them lie, therefore the consequences of me reading their crap is I may trust them, travel half way across a country to learn they lied.

To have the ability to connect our actions today, with the consequences to other people in the future is a sign of highly developed mind. Then if the person also cares, then we start to have some person of consequence on the planet.

When a person knows the consequences of their actions, knows they will cause harm to another person, and still proceeds, now you have a dangerous person.

Highly Developed Human Minds See Consequences

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