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Feb 16 2009 New HP Computer

2009-02-17 07:40:00

Feb 16 2009 New HP Computer
Travel Tip

The best way to buy a computer is to visit as many stores as possible and get the education, then buy cheap, because the life a computer is about 1-2 years.

I purchased a new Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv4-1140go Entertainment - Core 2 Duo T5800 2 GHz - 14.1 Computer yesterday at Office Depot in Fort Wayne, Indiana on West Jefferson.

It is not easy to buy the computer you want, all the stores carry computers with a different set of variables.

I paid 800 US with taxes, after a 50 U.S. Dollar rebate.

A Sony VAIO cost 850 for the same computer, except it did not have a PCMIA Slot. This slot is used by many countries for GPRS or Edge cell phone connections and maybe needed. Plus although Sony is a great computer, the Warranty is still not good enough globally. (Ash you are correct...)

When I walked into the stores, I would ask,
“Which computer has the best warranty globally?”

The answer was always Hewlett Packard, nobody even wanted to debate this question. I think I would have purchased a 450 U.S. Dollar Acer if I was not going to leave the USA. There is a great value in being able to buy two for the price of one.

The Bluetooth and the PCMIA slot of this computer was a great bonus for connecting to cellular networks worldwide for internet.

Orland, Indiana USA
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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14.1" Screen
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T5800
320 GB (5400RM) Hard Drive
4 Gig RAM
Bluetooth antenna
Wireless LAN antenna
2 GHz Multi-Core processor technology Dual-Core 64-bit processor
6 Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
One Year Norton Anti Virus Program
3 USB Slots
Camera Card Slot

I visited 12 stores, all having different computers in each store, and was lucky enough on the last store to find the correct computer. Each store would have different computers, even if the same name, a person truly needs to visit many for the educational experience.

Best Buys
Three Staples
Two Office Depots
HH Gregg
A Plus Computer
Computer Corner
Radio Shack

675 HP AMD Chip Computer 14
450 HP Intel 15 Inch computer on sale
300 Acer without a CD Rom

I did not buy one them really small 11-12 inch ACER computers, there is no way to easily load software. I am presently on a Verizon Dialup connection and I am not sure I can get all the software loaded before I leave on this connection. I may have to go to Fort Wayne, Indiana and sit in a coffee shop for a few hours to download needed software.

I carry about 10 DVD software programs with me when I travel, I need to be recover the hard drive and start over when needed.

All in all, my big debate was the cost, a 400 Dollar computer would have worked, if I was not going to Africa for the next 3-6 months I would have purchased a 400 Dollar something. A computer is presently only good for about 1-2 years of travel. I am only planning on one year of use, extra time is a bonus. I must purchase computer in the USA to be safe, although Thailand is very tempting. I want clarity of use, with the least amount of downtime. I want any techie in the world to be familiar with the machine, I am not trying to be unique, I am trying to be extreme mainstream.

When buying a computer for world travel, being clever is not a good idea, being common is a great idea.

Learning Vista is going to take time, I truly would have liked XP if possible, I have no desire to learn Vista, I presently see no advantage.

This computer I set up a user and password to turn on the computer for security reasons, I can be a little slack and allow annoying pages like, and to save passwords so they annoy me less. I am already filtering all these pages into folders so I can monitor them easier than opening the sites.

The best way to buy a computer is to visit as many stores as possible and get the education, then buy cheap, because the life a computer is about 1-2 years.


Feb 16 2009 New HP Computer