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Eggs Smell Like Fish in Peru

2009-02-17 15:08:00

Eggs Smell Like Fish in Peru
I went into the very modern Plaza Vea a supermarket in Lima, Peru and purchased some eggs. I boiled all 18 of them in my room, and then when I started to eat a couple of them, I started to gag, the eggs tasted like Fish.

I truly despise the smell or harsh taste of fish, I threw all the eggs in the trash, this was the second time in Peru eggs tasted and smelled like fish.

Orland, Indiana USA
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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My body starts to smell when I eat too much of one type of food. I am suggesting or proposing that these chickens in Peru were fed some form of Fish as a form of food.

Were these chickens fed fish?

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Eggs Smell Like Fish in Peru