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Dugout Canoe Trip on Yurua River Peru

2009-02-06 07:36:00

Dugout Canoe Trip on Yurua River Peru
I started a motorized dugout canoe trip from Breu, Peru to Dulce Gloria the other day on the Yurua, River. It took us two hours before the boat was even close to functioning correctly, here is a video showing the removal of the gas tank. It is a good example of conceptual problems.

Pucallpa, Peru
Friday, February 6, 2009
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I have been on the rivers of the Amazon Basin many times; I traveled from Manaus Brazil to Iquitos, Peru. I traveled from Coca, Ecuador to Iquitos, Peru, and another trip up river from Iquitos to Capitan Clavaro a small village. I have lived about two months of my life going up and down these rivers.

There is not a challenge for me.

I will not go into detail, however when you travel with anyone from a guide to your best friend, there is a need for intuitive understanding between the two people.

I was doing research, to continue on this journey after a half day of observation of our relationship lead me to know it was also possible to destroy my goal by proceeding.

My goal first goal of going to Breu, Peru was to learn the conditions that exist, this goal was already accomplished before this extra boat trip.

The goal of the boat trip up the river was to collaborate that there was more than one family that had departed the no contacted tribes and was now living with other normal tribes. I went to the village of Victoria and met another few families; the primary goal of going up river was accomplished.

Within every goal, there is the assumed goal that we do not wish to destroy the opportunity to achieve other goals. To proceed further up the river would have destroyed opportunities to achieve other goals of this project to understand no contacted tribes. Samuel had goals, they were contra productive to my goals, they were 90 percent in violation of my project goals, and to proceed would have just been a farce that could ruin years of work by me.

Dugout Canoe Trip on Yurua River Peru