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Does Snow Cause Development of Nations

2009-02-25 06:14:00

Does Snow Cause Development of Nations
I had not choice, I needed to go to work today, I woke up at 5:40 am, took a shower, and drove to Angola, Indiana. By 6:10 am, I had checked into the Coachlight Coffee shop and was downloading programs preparing my computer to leave the country.

It is an ordeal; life is harsh for a person who must wake up in freezing weather, put on many clothes and miserably miserable walks or drives to work.

Orland, Indiana USA
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
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Every day this week I drove to the Coachlight Coffee shop about 10 miles from my parent’s home in Orland, Indiana to use the city of Angola’s free high-speed WIFI Internet access.

I would say this type of behavior is rare in the warm and tropical places of the planet.

I often ponder the situation, I know in Africa they have what they call the “Resource Curse,” whereby they can grow food and survive so easily they lack motivation.

Iceland and Norway are considered by the Human Development Index to be the two highest developed countries of the planet.

It is as if the farther away from the equator, the higher the level of development.

It is as if the colder the country, the more difficult it is to live, the higher the development.

Generally, I have observed that higher developed countries consider themselves smarter than lower developed countries. They treat the people in these countries as if they are needy. I long ago realized they are truly rich in resources and time, they are lucky, they do live in a harsh place, and their life is easy. Just because a person is not motivated to fight against the planet does not mean they are stupid, it is not necessary, therefore they do not work.

It may be stupid though to leave the cold and harsh climates of the highly developed nations, go to the tropical climates, and work in the same manner.

What do I call a country that develops because of adversity?

“Adversity Curse?”
“Adversity Blessing?”

After 79 countries and about 11 years of perpetual travel, I am positive living in a highly developed country is not a blessing; I feel it to be a curse. The cost of development is seldom worth the stress, frustration and mental turmoil, yes, I get to live longer and have a car, I for sure work by the “sweat of my brow.”

I have had a lot of trouble Blogging in the USA, there is not enough time to get it done… however, it is silly to think I have to Blog, yet I do.

It is a blessing or a curse to live in a highly developed country like the USA? I know you are brainwashed, but please refrain from repeating what you have been told all your life without introspection, repeating the saying of your culture is not a sign of development.

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Does Snow Cause Development of Nations