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Cost of Television Travel Tip

2009-02-28 00:22:00

Cost of Television Travel Tip
Normally when a person pays more than 10-15 dollars per night for a Hotel room a Television starts to be standard in your room. When the room is above 20 dollars, you should expect a television in the room.

If you enter a room that cost more than 20 dollars and there is not a television in the room, you are probably paying too much and receiving poor value for your money, now remember you do not need to watch it, I am just explaining value for your money.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa
Saturday, February 28, 2009
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As best I can guesstimate, a room with a television in it is going to cost you an extra 5-10 dollars on your travel budget per day.

Truly if you want a television in your room expect to pay at least 20 plus dollars per night for a Hotel room. Normally in developed areas of the planet like the USA, Europe or Japan if you get a private room it is going to include a television and the cost for sure over 20 dollars.

I know that West Africa has a problem that the television is only French as the Language of Business is French, Brazil also appears to only want to give you television in Portuguese.

The world is changing quickly; in less than five years, a person should be able to watch English television channels anywhere on the planet without a problem. There are still a few pockets where this is not possible, however soon this will be standard.

If you are Chinese, Russian or Arabic my recommendation is to learn English, it is going to take another 20-30 years to accommodate your needs.

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Cost of Television Travel Tip