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Breu Peru Questions and Answers

2009-02-05 07:03:00

Breu Peru Questions and Answers
I have left Brue, Peru where I was learning about “No Contact Tribes” of Peru and I am not in Pucallpa, Peru with clean sheet and food.

My mother seems to have become concerned about Breu, Peru, I know why and now that I have left Breu, I can answer her questions and help readers to better understand this jungle location.

Pucallpa, Peru
Thursday, February 5, 2009
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Does everyone have Electricity or just the workers from outside?

Answer: Everyone in the village of Brue has electricity for about 2-3 hours per night, from about 6:30 until 9, the times varies, however the electricity is stable. They have a very good generator and all the lights of the village come on at this time, there are even street lights. It is a very strange city, however this is the Yurua, District center, more or less a county capital for the area. They are trying to colonize or control this area, and have set up a base for all these type of actions. I tend to think they want to make sure they can collect or control future lumber, petroleum or other natural resources.

Interestingly, there was no light switches, all the lights came on, there was no way to turn them off.

Electricity was a major problem for me doing reasearch, I was not able to enter the photo of data into the computer as fast as I collected it. Immediate entry of observations allows researchers to accurately explain and impart the feelings. To return to Breu, I will set up solar and batteries whereby I can use my computer for up to 10 hours per day. The internet in Breu is great, there is top notch and cutting edge for a village of this nature.

How do they get boats and do lots of people have them?

Answer: Boat are dugout canoes, they seem to have a socialized type of use in the village of Breu, however in the other villages I am sure whoever is truly motivated cuts done a tree and makes one, the use a special axe and cut dig out the log until it has the shape of a canoe. The motors are curious, many people have gas Peca Peca motors, however they have no employment, it appears that from time to time they earn big lump sums of money, either from the sale of lumber or free money from the government.

Does this place have a church or meeting place?

Answer; The village of Breu has a church, however there is no pastor, I did not see any worship in this village. It is curious, because very high powered missionaries are going up and down this river with expensive planes they privately own, yet the major entrance area has no obvious worship.

Is there a person of Christian faith there who talks to them.

Answer: I am sure from time to time missionaries try to come and talk with all the people up and down the river, truly not as simple as that. The missionaries have an agenda and often want to suck money from people. They both provide help, and also at the same time keep the people dumbed down.

Was there a funeral for the person who died?

Answer: Yes, they have a community room at the Yurua District building, at night they have a satellite televisions and in this room the Yuminawa Tribe held a funeral with a lot of wailing, they buried the person in handmade wooden casket. There is big separation between the actions of tribes and the mestizos.

Most important, do the kids go to School?

Answer: Yes, they are a couple of organized schools here, they were not in session when I was there. Try to understand that this area is more or less a welfare village, they whole city lives off the money given by the Peru government, working on projects for the Peru government. Therefore there is no motivation to better themselves, they more or less are welfare families.

Do you have to be very careful what you say and do in order to stay safe yourself?

Answer: Yes, whenever a person is in an isolated area, the locals enforce a strict social code that does not appreciate outsiders having opinions. I did not explain fully to the locals the problems I had with Samuel my Boatman. He was a good guy, but not truly helping me, more the welfare mentality of the world.

What do you eat?

Answer; Truly this village has mass malnutrition problems, they do not grow food, and the majority of village along the river do not grow food.

Food in the village of Brue, are Rice, Crackers, Cookies, Plantains, a type of Banana, Canned Tuna, Onions, Hotdogs, Eggs, Spaghetti, Garlic, Beer. The majority cannot afford Tuna or Eggs, therefore Spaghetti and Rice are the major food eaten. The only fruit I saw was the big Plantain, a type of Banana, however they may be other when in season, however I only saw fruit on the Military Base, they eat better. I only saw onions and garlic, I was not able to buy any other types of vegetables. Truly these people were mentally slow, they were energetic, they reminded me of the people of Niger in West Africa.

MOSTLY do they read and write and does the government provide these things and perhaps a meeting place for whatever type of faith they have.

Answer: I would guess that about 20 percent of the people can read and write well, however these were the people who came to Breu to work in the village, not the locals. I saw one person reading a newspaper in the week I was there, nobody was reading books or other materials. I guess I did see a couple of Christian Bibles.

Love prayers Mom Dad

The village of Breu, Peru will soon be reached by the Lumber business, I was told the Village of Victoria already has a road that leads to the village. This road is made and maintained by the lumbermen, they want to haul logs to Pucallpa or other villages whereby they can shipped to the bigger markets.

There is migration away from these areas if they can figure out a way to leave, the ones that stay are living off the easy money of the Peru government. The lumber industry is the only clear source of income available and nobody seem interested in growing foods, they like to go hunting for food, and spend 90 percent of their time lying around talking. This village is normal for the world, it is not special, however the lack of food is unusual and the incredible amounts of money being invested by the government is also rare.

The Peru government is doing a good job, they will slowly create an infrastructure that can allow trade between Brazil and Peru to grow, and make a natural pathway to Brazil from Peru.

I personally believe the Lumber business should be encouraged, taxed and helped to proceed. Contrary to any ideas the world has, this business is not going to stop, it is highly profitable and there is a demand, it is similar to prostitution, you can outlaw it, however when a person finds a way to earn money they will.

I expect that the Non Governmental Organizations will soon be large employers as soon as these type of workers can live in good comfort with adequate air conditioning and beer at cheap prices.

If farming does reach this area, like the moonshine workers, they will start to grow Coca Leaves for the Cocaine Trade, In the majority of areas close to the Brazil Border, there are Coca Plantations, the call them “Cocaleros.” Truly more dangerous areas than the no contacted tribes areas, or the lumber business. Mafias thrive in this area, corruption is rampant, everyone is on the take, they are nice people, but the business of easy money always thrives quicker than hard work.

All in all, Breu is a nice village, mentally slow because of bad food, however making great progress to colonize and create and infrastructure between Brazil and Peru.

The alternative is to do nothing, keep the village stupid, dumb, and incapable of leaving their tribal traditions. Death of children in tribal areas is always rampant, they percentage of child deaths is high, and of course they have babies like rabbits. The tribes have little desire presently to do more than sit around or go hunting.

Luckily the cost of Beer is expensive, and strangely they are not good at making moonshine, they truly are not motivate to work. Life is easy, life is simple, any money they earn is spent for enjoyment or simple foods, they are not lacking in anything truly, and are eating the same as they have for the last 1000-10,000 years, now they have rice and spaghetti.

One the lumber roads reach this area, it will start to prosper and food, medical and education will prosper. However, the same as Tibet in China, the smart people will continue to leave, and the mentally weak will stay.

This is truly a horrible place to live on the planet, except for the fact it is nice and quiet and the noise pollution has yet to reach Breu.

Tourism is a possible way of earning money, however only explorers like me can presently go there now, people who are willing to live on crackers for a week, have mosquito bites, do not worry about Malaria and are willing to fight if needed.

Big groups can enter this area safely, there will be protected and cared for providing they spend money foolishly as they normally do, paying about 10-50 time the needed amounts of money. I do not encourage this type of spending, it just make the welfare mentality worst, and they will sit around waiting forever for the next big paying tourist.

This is a great path to take to Brazil, and would recommend this for any truly adventurous backpacker who is tired of obeying the Lonely Planet Guidebook and following all the other lemmings.

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Breu Peru Questions and Answers