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22 Years of Sobriety for Andy

2009-02-21 09:18:00

22 Years of Sobriety for Andy

Please, there is no reward needed when a person stops being a jerk, I do not need any attaboys, I am doing what many of you have always done, I am just a jerk in remission.

I have completed 22 years of sobriety, no drinking alcohol and no drugs, only a few Coca Leaves and too much coffee. My sobriety birthday is February 22nd and I am grateful to have my eyes opens and my brain working at full speed.

Orland, Indiana USA
Saturday, February 21, 2009
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Just this morning my mother reminded me I should go and talk with my sober friends. Why is this is important? Power can be given or taken from people in our lives, there are people who want to suck out our power and other who make us stronger.

Now, I may have a friend who gives me great power when the goal is to play basketball. While when I talk to this friend about not drinking he sucks out my power, he is not on board and is not supportive. My mother by reminding me was giving me some good Mojo, she was giving here power or support, I took here willpower and added it to mine and I am stronger. When I speak with other people who want to keep me sober they give me their power. I am not going to use the word friends, because I do have great friends who do not support me staying sober, however do support me on other issues.

I do not have the urge to drink, however if I did, I would surround myself with the group of friends who support me not drinking. Normally, these people do not drink and sort of feel it is silly to drink, so they annoy the people who drink.

If you want to stop drinking, you must keep the people who give you good energy to stop near you and avoid the ones who pull you down until you are strong enough to overpower them. I am the Alpha male, not easy for a person to have more power than I am, therefore I can go about anywhere.

The power is to believe in yourself when everyone around you is sucking energy is about focus, truly believing in yourself, knowing, or having the faith and confidence you are safe. I know I am a good person, I do my best in every next step, I make mistakes, I ask to be forgiven and I get on with my life. I do not stay around people who suck my energy, I find friends who are on the same path, who wish to make a good life. Some friends are sneaky, sometimes it just dawns on me some friends need to be tossed.

Life is good, when a reader or person tries to destroy my good feeling by making mean or non-constructive comments; I go into self-preservation mode. I know they are the enemy, they are not my friends, and they want to suck me down. I have to remind myself sometimes this is just a Travel Journal; it is not real life and just shut it off, the same as I remind them. If you do not become more powerful by reading my Blog, then for sure, STOP READING it.

To be the devils advocate is a great thing, sometimes people need jolted to think, they need well-intended jolts, not mean spirited jolts. I want you to think, I want everyone to have the power to make a decision without needing to agree with anyone, make the decision only because it the correct decision, nothing else.

Staying sober is easy once you learn how to collect the power and energy of supportive friends, but more important, do not play games, people who destroy your dreams and ambitions are the enemy. I mean this, you cannot just say to yourself, they are not my friends, they are soul sucking, they are causing the problem with the world. They are not trying to make the world a better place, they want to cause you harm.

I know the Ten Commandants; however, there are couple of sins that are not listed as clearly. The sin I am talking about is when a person who is not involved, tries to make two people to argue. To cause disharmony between two people is evil. For example, if a child would cause his parents to argue, this is evil. If an employee causes his boss and another employee to argue this is not a good person, you need to avoid him or her.

There are people who want me to argue with myself, to become unsure or myself, to become weaker. Truly an evil situation, better to avoid and look for a person who makes you think outside the box, not one who is trying to destroy the box.

Life is Good, I will smile more today than I will frown, and if someone is next to me, my job is to make them smile, it not to go down the tubes with them.

Sit around and feel the good energy of the world, avoid the bad and try to be a good person. Strangely, this is huge problem for most people, they have some truly horrendous thoughts, I am lucky, I enjoy just doing the right thing, and there is truly a great reward by being a good person today, tomorrow and forever. All this talk about God, bad Gods, this is all somewhat confusing, just do the right thing, you know when you are doing bad, stop it, and that little angel on your shoulder will agree. When you do badly, you are listening to that little devil on your shower. Allow the good Angel to win the arguments, do not sit around arguing what is the right thing, and I know you know already. Then go out today, put one step in front of the other and avoid those people who do not make you stronger, then life is truly simple.

Henry David Theroux was asked if he was at peace with God when he was about ready to die, and he said,
"I never knew us to argue..."

22 Years of Sobriety for Andy