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Two brother from Hungary, Ferenc and István Ivanics are walking around the world. They were nice enough to write telling me about their trip, now I need to figure out what they are doing.

Therefore, my best course of action was to find their Blog and subscribe, I find after following along for about 20 post I can normally understand a writer. I feel to have good manners I must follow along for awhile to understand motives and intentions. However, just looking at their pages makes me laughe, so this is always a good start.

Have some fun Blog.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Thursday, January 15, 2009
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Here is the link to their website; it is truly a personal website, even some funny photos of the two brothers. This is a fun link and not a waste of time to explore.

Try to empathize with this, people form Hungary to not speak English and the page I am sending you to is in English.

I copied and pasted their names into this Blog, I hope the fonts do not go splat and become gibberish.