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When to buy an Air Ticket

2009-01-27 06:32:00

When to buy an Air Ticket
Travel Tip

Buying ahead is not the correct answer…
Following the advice of friends is not correct...

Trust you feelings, when a great deal arrives, you will know it.

There is no simple answer to this question, you should not listen to any carte blanc advice, buying plane tickets is an art form, it requires understanding the airline industry, and they do everything within their powers to stop you from understanding them.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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The traditional advice is to buy ahead.

This is true and not true, at the same time, if you need to schedule your vacation months in advance with zero flexibility than you probably need to buy in advance.

If you are flexible, have great control over your appointments, vacations, times and other schedules than you may not want to buy in advance. This is me, I can travel about anytime I want, I can leave when I want, there is nothing controlling my time.

The airlines want to convince you to buy ahead, the travel agents want you to buy ahead, the internet is tricky, it will jerk you around, and you cannot trust the internet sites.

The airlines, the travel agents, the internet sites all want to confuse you until you buy, or frustrate you until you just say,
“I give up, I am buying the ticket.”

Patience is the solution, and not a virtue that is cultivated in today’s fast food society, the world hits the car horn without thinking.

My strategy is to start searching for a ticket two months ahead of time, and then I do daily searches up until about one week before I want to leave. My goal is to learn the market, I see how they price, I learn their strategies, this is the goal, and we wish to learn the strategies of the airlines. Every time I buy a ticket, I must learn the strategy again, every air route is different, they are not the same.

In minutes a ticket can change from being cheap to expensive, and the converse, an expensive ticket can become cheap. If you understand the daily rhythm of the airlines tickets, then what happens is one day you find the ticket and you know it the day to buy.

If you have no patience for this, or maybe you buy First Class Plane Tickets, then this advice is not applicable.

Trust you feelings, when a great deal arrives, you will know it.

I presently use and to learn the strategies of airlines. I test and try many systems; I am always on the look out for something that is truly different. I often am searching every day on the internet and then go to a travel agent to purchase the ticket, I have no set strategy, I can only give you guidelines.

They all promise the best deals, this just is not true, you never know which site is going to give you the best deal today.

90 percent of the time, I buy a ticket within seven days of leaving, 10 percent of the time I purchase about three week ahead, I never purchase a ticket more than a month ahead.

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When to buy an Air Ticket