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Travel Blogs Drive Me Crazy

2009-01-02 06:09:00

Travel Journals Drive Me Crazy Travel Journals

A confusing and complicated plan has evolved into my brain, I have finally admitted to myself that the my Blog fails to be or cannot only be my personal online diary. It has to be more if I am going to fund my Travels with only the Blog, each day has to appeal to a variety type of readers.

Blogger systems are driving me crazy, is nuts, Wordpress is too clever, they all have problems in a pro-blogger sense, in the end, just another Blog system.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Friday, January 2, 2009
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

Nothing is changing much, however the presentation is going to go smooth, so the readers cannot shoot the messenger. More of a well rounded Blog and less rambling and rants.

Photos for the visual people

40-50 Previous Post and archives that work...

Travel Tips for the people preparing to travel

Gear tips for the gear junkies

Photo tips for photographers

Airline help for the Business Traveler

Pretty CSS Templates for the majority of people, I have for years refused to tie the Blog up in pretty wrapping and put on a bow because I wanted readers who focus on words, not on pretty pictures. However, to go more mainstream, give the world press something to talk about, they need fed some pretty pictures.

It is like cereal, the cereal can be the healthiest, most nutritious cereal ever sold, however with a great package for the children, nobody is going to purchase it.

In a way, I feel it is my responsibility to find a methodology that could be copied and allow any Hobo out there to live by Blogging because Hoboes travel to work.

Travel Journals

Travel Journals Drive Me Crazy