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Search for Flights Backwards Travel Tip

Search for Flights Backwards Travel Tip
Here is a travel tip on how to search on the internet for a plane ticket. Normally we just obey the box; we enter the departure location and our destination. To get the best prices we need to understand the airlines routes and pricing.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Monday, January 12, 2009
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I just used to fly from Lima, to Pucallpa, Peru for 83 US Dollars. The normal way to search is from Lima to Pucallpa. If you look at the graphic, you can see there are five locations that flies to from Lima.


BIG Airport to little...


Little airport to other airports.
---- These are two common routes for planes in and out of Pucallpa.

When I search backward, I see that flights from Pucallpa only fly to Lima and Iquitos.

Why does this information help? I now know the common routes into Pucallpa with and normally most airlines.

I was in Guatemala, I checked to see if I could fly cheaper to Iquitos than to Lima. I was trying to do a stopover in Iquitos on the way to Pucallpa.

Guatemala - Iquitos - Pucallpa is more interesting for a trip than,
Guatemala - Lima - Pucallpa.

By searching backwards I realized the regular paths of the airlines and it becomes possible to find the best paths and learn how the airlines think.

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Search for Flights Backwards Travel Tip