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Plane Cancelled Because of Robbery

2009-01-28 05:09:00

Plane Cancelled Because of Robbery
I finally discovered why the plane was cancelled yesterday; someone entered the Municipality of Breu office here in Pucallpa, Peru with a pistol and robbed three men working in the office. The workers are fine, they were busy making police reports and dealing with all the problems. The mobile phone of the coordinator was stolen, therefore I was not able to call him, and I finally walked over to the office.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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The plane is supposed to leave today; they are supposed to call me. Waiting for Latinos to call me makes me feel weak and insecure; it is like waiting for Santa Claus to come when you do not believe in Santa Claus. You want to show hope, but you know there is a problem.

There is always lots of positive thinking in the Latino world, however what actual happens is often less than expected.

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Plane Cancelled Because of Robbery