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No Plane I am Still in Pucallpa

2009-01-27 13:03:00

No Plane I am Still in Pucallpa
I went to the Pucallpa, Airport at 10:00 am and one or two later a couple of people arrived to leave for Breu. I never understood clearly what is happened, there is some problem with the manifest of the cargo. Nonetheless, at about 1:30 pm, I was told by the airline Norte Americano Airlines that the plane was ready, but it would not leave today.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 27, 2009
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The airlines people said it will leave early tomorrow, I asked,
“What is early here?’
They said,

I suspect we may leave by 11 am or 12 tomorrow. I was getting a cloudy; I do not have a problem with leaving tomorrow.

I have been trying to contact the coordinator of Breu now for the last two hours, who is probably the only person who knows who maybe knows was could happen.

What is funny, before today I have been talking to Aero Andino, and Aero Diana, however when I went to the airport today, they said we would be leaving with Norte Americano. As best I understand, the Municipality of Brue probably charters whichever plane is available whenever they have sufficient cargo and passengers.

It is rather humorous, however not enjoyable to sit around waiting and not having anybody arrive to tell us what is happening. In a way, this is a form of forced serendipity, if I continue to try, eventually the good path will appear or not.

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No Plane I am Still in Pucallpa