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No Contact Tribes in Peru

No Contact Tribes in Peru

Murunahua Tribe
Chitonahua Tribe
Mashcopiro Tribe

No Contact, not Un-Contacted is correct…

These tribes do not try to contact other groups, however they have been contacted, I am sure there are more tribes in Peru than the list above, this is just the region of my study.

I have been pushing around, trying to find the proper explanation for what these isolated tribes about 20 hours south of here on the Yurua River. They say “Colatos,” in Spanish, however this word loses meaning in translation to English. However, these tribes are best called “no contact tribes,” they are not un-contacted tribes because both sides have been contacted from time to time, everyone know the other exist.

I have learn that about 20 people over the last 10 years have left the “no contact tribes” and become part of various villages here in Peru.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Saturday, January 31, 2009
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There are three families here in Breu who come from “no contacted tribes,” however I am not going to show their photo until I can better understand the truth. The is a lot of information that is jumbled around in translations, and I can ask questions and they give affirmative answers and mininterpret the information, I must continually triple check information by asking in various ways the same question.

As best I can understand today, the one Chitonahua man saw a woman from the Yurinawas Tribe carrying many items walking through the jungle, he decided to help her, they fell in love and he left his world to join hers, the two now live in Breu, Peru.

A love story.

No Contact Tribes in Peru