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Name of Bananas in Peru

2009-01-24 07:39:00

Name of Bananas in Peru
Amanda a nice girl and intuitive explained the words she uses to describe the Bananas she sells. She did this without a push or shove, which is the normal problem of learning about food. When I ask questions about food, they normally say,
“you want it or not?”

The world is preoccupied with making money, too busy to try to explain the product.
Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Saturday, January 24, 2009
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Manzana - I know this means Apple.
Banana Colorado
Plaano Isla
Seda - I think this is the one we eat in the USA
Platano, not really a Banana, a relative use more for cooking

This Photo cost me 5 Soles; I gave Amanda 5 Soles about triple the cost of any of the Bananas. I explained to her in Spanish that tourist wish to understand, and this is more valuable than the Bananas to us.

Amada is on the left, her sister is on the right, I forget her name.

I often laugh when I read articles on the internet, I know many people spend hours choosing the words and faking the information, the truth is travel is messy, impossible to remember all my life.

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Name of Bananas in Peru