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Morning in the Peruvian Jungle

2009-01-30 18:35:00

Morning in the Peruvian Jungle
I have been awake now for about one and a half hours, I finally needed to leave my mosquito net box. Mosquito nets annoy me after too much time, they restrict movement, and feel confining, plus the roosters outside the building are determined to wake the world.

It is 5:45 in the morning here in the small village of Breu, Peru on the edge of normal civilization. At the next village South of here Dulce Gloria, I will leave the Spanish influenced Mestizo world behind and enter world of the Asheninikas Tribe.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Friday, January 30, 2009
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I keep thinking of the groups who want to control this area of the world, it is so remote, it feels as if nobody cares, however in reality many groups are wrestling to control this jungle.

Christina Missionaries
- Money from member of their churches

- Money from the sales of lumber

Local Tribes
- Money earned by providing service to either the lumbermen or the governments wishing to colonize the area.

Peruvian Government
- Money from the taxes receive from the people of Peru and the large amounts of taxed paid by the foreign investors looking for Petroleum, Gas, Gold, Copper and Uranium, and I am sure many more.

Peruvian Military
- The force behind the Peruvian Government

- The force from the North of here, border are enforced, it stops players from one side trying to cross over and take lumber or other resources from the other country.

Non Government Organizations of all types, save the trees, save the tribes, save the rainforest.
- Money received from donations, therefore the bigger the problem, the more money they collect.

Who is going to win, I would almost guarantee the lumbermen will win, they are truly the only group supplying income for the locals tribes.

Once tribes get a taste of the civilized world, they start to desire all the small advantages, the next thing you know, a pair of boots is not a want, it becomes a need.

These are the traditional type of boots worn in the jungle, I purchased these in Pucallpa, Peru. About half the people here in Breu are wearing these boots most of the day.

Morning in the Peruvian Jungle