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Meeting Coordinator of Breu Peru

2009-01-20 11:52:00

Meeting Coordinator of Breu Peru
I plan on flying soon to Breu, Peru, a small village on the Yurua, River all part of the Amazon Basin. Today I talked with a coordinator for the village of Breu who works or maybe lives in Pucallpa, Peru.

I am collecting gear to go, Rope, Boots, Gloves, Long Sleave Shirts, Matches and if I can find one, maybe a tent. I am presently planning on flying out next week if the the plane leaves. The plane only leaves when full and the grass runway is not muddy.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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Everything is a go!

Today’s meeting was more about me wishing to say hello, and to show the proper respect for the village of Breu, Peru. I enter cities where few foreigners go, and when I enter these cities, I a make sure to go around and say hello to all the authorities first.

This is not so urgent with the village of Breu, however the farther I work my way up the river Yurua in years to come, or this year I will encounter smaller villages.

The first things I do when I enter a village are say hello to the leaders of the village and show them my respect and gratitude for being fortunate enough to visit them.

Look at this way, have you every heard someone say,
“He is a snob; he thinks he is better than us.”

Or in the music lingo,
“He dissed me.”

I am not the best on this lingo, but I think it means,
“He disrespected me.”

Going up and down the social ladders, one person thinks they are high class, another person thinks they are low class. I truly do no care, all people are equal, however just like the Gang Rappers who do not want to get “dissed,” I must do my best to offer up respect the way they expect.

If you wanted to be killed by another human…?

The most dangerous thing you can do is ignore another human being.

I have never met a man who wanted to just be equal.

Isolated Tribe Expedition 2009

Meeting Coordinator of Breu Peru