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Islamic People in Exile

2009-01-04 03:56:00

Islamic People in Exile
The international world is watching as Israel invades Gaza to attack the Islamic Terrorist group called Hamas. What you do not know, what you do not see is my two Islamic friends. One lives in Qatar an exile or refugee from Iraq. I met a new Islamic friend here in Guatemala an exile from Lebanon.

Neither of these men or their families can ever return to their home, never, ever, it is over, their lives are in danger. They cannot worship in peace, it is not possible for them to speak honestly. To say their names or show a photo is dangerous, they could be killed.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Sunday, January 4, 2009
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I am worried even to give details, however a friend I met in Iraq had his family and life threatened. He fled to Qatar and will never return, he will not talk about it, he will not be interviewed, and he will not write about it, his voice is stopped. The Islamic Terrorist in Iraq will reach out and kill him.

My new friend here in Guatemala left after his uncle was killed, and then he was kicked out of Mosque in Germany because he does not support Terrorist. He is now living as an Islamic person in Guatemala alone, a refugee from his religion.

It is quite amazing to listen to him speak about Israel, he is screaming at the television for Israel to attack. He wants them to invade Lebanon to attack Hezbollah.

An Iraq man who can never go home…
A Lebanon man who can never go home…

He said,
“They are the dark side.”

You will never hear a balanced opinion about Islamic Terrorist, anyone who speaks against them anywhere on the earth is in danger including me.

These Islamic Terrorist groups have hijacked a religion, they are evil, they are the dark side, and they need destroyed. They have great support, if you do not, they will try to kill you.

If I know two people, there are millions… to speak, to talk, to be honest means they must leave their religion. Neither person has abandoned their religion, however there is no freedom of religion for them.

You will never hear the truth on this issue, as on famous man said,

“If you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”
- Adolph Hitler in Germany


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Islamic People in Exile

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